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Poetry: Feelings expressed

Written for my grandparents on their birthday so that they might know, at least partially, how special they are and the influence which they have in my life.

Very subtle are the things that grandparents do
Though they are always full of the words, "I love you."
In my younger days I would have told
That my grandparents had hearts of gold.
And yes I still think that true
But now I also know more of you.
There's more to grandparents than spoiling children
Though it may take years for us to see that.
Grandparents are kind and caring
And when life is hard they're always willing
To listen to a child's heart
And to help them when they feel like falling apart.
Grandparents are compassionate and giving
And no matter how things may be they are always loving.
But no matter how grandparents may be,
None are better than those God gave me.

Do not use without the author's permission.