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Poetry: Feelings expressed
Death's Throne
The Dark
4 Crosses
Eagles Wings
Puppy Dog Love
Glass Piece
Death Alive
I miss him
Kate (Monolog)
Not Guilty
I Wish
Silent Words
Ya eod kaprez
I will Follow
Good Night
The Dark

Just a thought.

If it is true that the only sound that one truely hears is of the heart then not only was I born deaf but I shall also die deaf. For my heart which scarecely beats one painfully agonizing thrumping after the next no longer has the feeling and emotion needed to hear. I sit alone in the dark with nothing to do but embrace the only void I can see. The only thing I can see. In the pitch black I embrace the darkness with all I am, and it smiles back at me sending a shiver down my spine. The dark begins to breath. I can feel the dreadful chill on my neck as it creeps closer and closer to the reaches of my ears. Softly, tantalizing, it whispers to me shadows of things that no one can see. All I have to do is reach out and they are mine if I want them. I can see clearly each note shown me, and I watch as I can't reach out to save them. Each one falls. They bleed as they crash to the ground. I watch as the music dies. Slowly, note by precious note the silence moves in and deafens me. A spot light turns onto the fallen notes so I may have one last chance to pick them up and take them back from the fates and what they haev weaved and yet in the deafening silence I cling still to the darkness. All that I can do is watch. Watch as the fates turn the notes dead and bleeding into cards. They are shown to all. I sit there seathing as I realize all I needed was to listen to my heart for there is where the only sound is that I can still hear is found and now it is gone. The dark silence has deafened me.