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Poetry: Feelings expressed

By: Lilbyt

This poem was written to share with a small group of people so that they could glimpse my life before I was saved as well as what I wanted to do with my future.

Dark were the days
As my path meandered through a misty haze.
I wandered the woods alone
Simply looking for a home.
My solid foundation gone
I looked, searched, and then followed my mom.
The bluff was small
And I was afraid to fall,
So I turned back
And let my life go way out of whack.
My days were filled with lying,
My nights fogged up with endless crying.
While feeling only pain
In my days of rain,
I reached the door
When I was only four.
Finished following my lucky dice
I started to follow the great Jesus Christ.
Though it took me years to finally know
What it means to be white as snow.
I had been found
And my feet again on solid ground.
Now I want the world to know
What it means to be white as snow.
Father God make me bold
So not a soul is left untold.

Written 9/27/98

(May not be used without the written consent of the original author)

Appearing in "Running for my life."