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Poetry: Feelings expressed

By: Lylbit

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The misty mountain cannot hide,
The wonderful feeling that dwells inside.
Though the shadows seep down deep,
Not a single one will sleep.

The magical island in the sky,
Where only one can manage to fly,
Sits alone upon it's throne,
Where not a soul can moan.

The lake below is shining bright,
from all the shimmering shining light.
The mist draws us close to flame,
Where one night is not the same.

As we stand here making rhyme,
Losing all track of time,
Not a thing can compare
To the wonder of our stare.

This was written by Lilbyt with a friend of hers while we were volunteering up in Alaska. It was a wonderful experience for her and brought her closer to the Lord.

This poem may not be used without the written consent of the original authors.