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Poetry: Feelings expressed

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By: Jen and Lilbyt


Trembles at the sound
Of pain running 'cross the ground.
Beaten and left for dead,
Cuts are bleeding on her head.
Moaning in pain and crying for help,
She tried to move but could only yelp.
Physical wounds slowly heal
But her emotions are Satan's meal.
He crawls inside her to her heart
For him it is time to start.
Beaten and badly broken
She believes the words he's spoken.
This life of pain cannot go on,
And heck, no one will know she's gone.
Running fast out the door
She downs some pills and hits the floor.
After years of a life of pain
Her body beaten and soul been slain,
She's given the chance to live again.
Given the chance to be free from sin.
A child, a friend, who once was used,
Wishes she could be the abused.
This young one just wants to say,
"I love you, Angel, more everyday."
So many times we'll all get burnt.
Please, sweet Angel don't dwell on the hurt.
Don't leave me angel 'cause I need you
I need you more than I ever knew.
It hurt so bad and now I know,
Angel I never want you to go.
Lord, choose me first take me away
Just leave sweet angel so she can stay
With her boys who need her so
Teach her Lord and help her grow.
Grant her your wisdom, my Father above.
Fill her now with your eternal love.
This I pray in Jesus name.
Amen. Give Him glory and fame.
Walk in His grace and you shall see
That near you He will always be.
I love you Angel ever so
And I pray to God that you'll always know.
Life on earth is not too long,
Please angel stay to finish this song.
I need you more than you can know
Please sweet Angel, please don't go.
You're always there when I need help.
I'm always here to hear you whelp.
That being said the wind comes back,
The lights all fade and the stage goes black.
I walk off into the night
Praying God will give you sight.
I love you Angel and need to say
God and I are here for you everyday.

This particular poem was written for a very good friend of mine. To this day I hold her close to my heart and pray that God is working wonders in her life.

May not be used without the written concent of the original author.