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Photo Page/4 Pictures

These pictures are the first four that we have completed.  As more drawings are added to our walls I will add them to this site as well.  We hope that you enjoy them.


This is the first picture that Lilbyt designed, and one of the two that was first put upon our wall.  Both this and the picture below were drawn in, I believe, our sophmore year of high school (1997-8)


Another of our first two drawings.  (1997-8) This one was by Judi, our resident artist.


Recently judi began to desire once again to let her creativity, and the above is the result.  The cartoon goblin type in ways symbolizes the dark spots in life for us. (2001-2)


This picture allowed Judi to show her inner child some expression.  It also adds more personality to the room itself. (2002)