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Poetry: Feelings expressed

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By: Jen and Mely

She's told she's good and innocent
But no longer can handle the lies
Her heart and mind know better
And now her soul starts to die.
With all that's left of her mind
Being fragmented memories,
Everything remembered
Is nothing but a tragedy.
With only parts of her life still whole,
She looks around for a friend.
Not just anyone passing by
but someone who will be there till the end.
With no one found
She crumbles and gives in.
Her heart changed
And now only has evil within.
Flashbacks throw her into the past
Forcing her to relive those days and nights.
All that's left is to give up,
And to surrender the fight.

Written while in Michagan when I was feeling a downpour of helplessness and pain.

This may not be used without the written consent of the original author.