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Poetry: Feelings expressed
I miss him

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By Jen and Jenna

I miss him. His smile. That little cockeyed grin he always got when we would sit and talk. The smoothness of his voice. The way his eyes could look into and pierce my soul. How he always knew my feelings and thoughts without a word being spoken. I miss the comforting words he had to offer and the gentle peace he gave through his touch. I long to inhale and be able to once again know he is near me. His arms holding me in an embrace which left the world behind. To once again have the knowledge that all dreams would come true as long as we had each other. I miss everything about him. His soul, his words, his love, his encouragement, but most of all his presence. The fact that when he was near the air itself screamed and jumped for joy. There was just something about him. He was my comforter and my peace when no one else was near. May he live forever.
I miss my time with him. Our moments together. I'd give anything to see him again.

This poem was written in memory of Joshua. He is very dear to my heart even now.

Please do not use this writing without the writen consent of the original author.